What is Awra?


The Awra, a term of Arabic origin, in Islam it refers to the intimate parts of the body that must be covered in public. It is a concept that touches on modesty and personal values.

Definition of Awra:

“Awra” refers to areas of the human body considered private. Although associated with modesty, the definition of Awra varies, particularly depending on gender.

In men and women:

For men, Awra generally concerns the area between the navel and the knees. In women, this often includes the entire body except the face and hands.

Why is Awra Important?

Awrah is closely linked to dignity and respect. It is often seen as a means of preserving personal integrity and is valued in different circles.

Conclusion: It is a religious obligation which highlights dress standards and modesty values. To find out how Awra is integrated into contemporary clothing, read our article on swimwear designed with these principles in mind

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