Revolution in Aquatic Fashion: The First Full Coverage Swimsuit

Dive into a world of style with groundbreaking innovation in aquatic fashion. A one-of-a-kind swimsuit has been designed to specifically cover the Awra. This swimsuit is ideal for swimming pools with clothing restrictions and offers unparalleled comfort thanks to its loose and elastic fabric.
An Unpublished Creation :
This innovative swimsuit is the creative fruit of a French designer. By developing a cut never seen before, this jersey manages to harmoniously marry style and modesty without compromising functionality.
Cover the Awra with Elegance and Comfort :
The uniqueness of this jersey lies in its ability to cover parts of the body while displaying an undeniable elegance. Its design offers exceptional freedom of movement thanks to the use of loose and elastic fabrics, ensuring perfect comfort in the water.
How to wear the swimsuit?
The shorts are put on directly without underwear, however on some people, depending on the morphology of each, the shapes may be visible. It will be necessary to put a bathing boxer underneath.
discover the Awrah swimsuit now !
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