premier maillot de bain pour musulman


Under the impetus of two friends sharing a passion for swimming and the pool, our brand was born from a recurring frustration: the absence of swimsuits and shorts adapted to our values ​​and our practices. The limited supply on the market has often forced us to abandon the pleasures of the swimming pool and to limit our getaways to the beach. This situation, far from discouraging us, has actually sharpened our determination. Driven by the desire to enjoy water freely while respecting our faith and our principles, we decided to take up the challenge and create our own brand.
Thus was born our brand "awrah" with a range of Muslim swimwear and Muslim swim shorts, designed to offer a solution that combines modesty and aesthetics. Anxious to respect the principles specific to our convictions, we are committed to designing clothes that cover the private parts while offering a modern and attractive design. We are not just two people who have created a brand, but two innovators who have chosen to fill a void in the market and to give everyone the possibility of enjoying the joys of swimming without compromising their convictions.